Gather Round – How To Work With Round Tables

Round tables encourage conversation and keep the décor intimate and inviting. They’re also very versatile. Make a round table the centerpiece in the dining room or use it in the kitchen to create a cozy breakfast nook. You can even have a round side table in the living room or bedroom. The possibilities are numerous and so are the ways in which you can decorate around the table.

Mountain dining room round tableView in gallery

A round table can be large without looking it. For example, this dining table has 10 chairs spread around it yet it doesn’t look that big. The beautiful thing about this particular design is that the table and the chairs share a connection in terms of design, color and style.

Smaller round table library roomView in gallery

A smaller round table can be a beautiful accessory for a home library or office. It promotes a feeling of intimacy and comfort which suits this space really well. The traditional design, in this case, allows the décor to look sober without being cold and intimidating.

Round table alcove dining room spaceView in gallery

You can enhance the beauty of a round table through other elements that mimic its shape. For example, use a round area rug under the table to delimitate the zone. A round chandelier hanging above the table would also greatly enhance the look.

Area rug under the dining round table and blue chairsView in gallery

In addition to the area rug and the chandelier or pendant light, the walls of the room can also close in. even if they’re not exactly round, the effect will still be noticed.

Kids room featuring an orange round tableView in gallery

A small round table can suit a bedroom. It can be part of a cozy reading corner or it can replace a desk. In the kids’ room, it would also be useful when they’re playing or when they’re drawing, doing homework or arts and crafts.