Embrace Minimalism – Shelf Desks With Discerning Designs

A desk that’s nothing more than a simple wall-mounted shelf is definitely not for everyone. Such desks are often used in small spaces where a traditional desk with lots of drawers would make the room seem cluttered and tiny. But shelf desks, desk shelves or however else you want to call them are also a perfect alternative for minimalist decors, regardless of how spacious the room is.

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Instead of having a regular desk with storage underneath, an interesting alternative would be a wall-mounted desk. You can add all the storage you need in the form of a bookcase place above the desk or elsewhere in the room. This type of floating desk is very versatile and can pretty much fit in any space.

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Turning a small corner into a workspace or home office is easy. All you need is a shelf which you attach to the wall at the desired height and this can be your desk. Make it as big or as narrow as you wish, a corner desk will always be practical regardless of the size. {found on darlingmagazine}.

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For those who don’t mind having their computer in the bedroom and would rather use one portion of this space as a home office than sacrificing a separate room for this, shelf desks are an ideal option. They’re simple and sleek and have a more casual look than other types of desks.{found on gradenyc}.

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Preferably, the desk should be placed in front of a window so you get plenty of natural light while you work. If you’ve decided that a shelf desk is the best option for you, then you can mount it onto the window frame.{found on offbeatandinspired}.

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A shelf desk is one of the most stylish options for contemporary spaces with minimalist designs. The impact is stronger if the wall on which the desk is mounted doesn’t feature any other pieces of furniture such as bookshelves or cabinets.

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This is an interesting idea: there’s a storage unit on one side and the top continues and forms a desk on the adjacent wall. The two pieces are linked and they each serve a different function. It’s like a traditional desk was divided into two parts.{found on porticodesign}.

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Since we’re talking about a desk that’s actually a shelf, an interesting idea could be to make it a part of a shelving unit that also includes storage and display area for the workspace or for the room in general.{found on oldbrandnewblog}.

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This is a really great way of integrating the desk into the living room without making it seem out of place. It looks like a simple wall-mounted shelf and it’s long enough for other electronics aside from the laptop or computer to be stored there.{found on highgatebuilders}.

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Such a design is really inspirational and could work for those homes that have this kind of awkward nooks and corners where nothing fits. It’s actually a really great place for a work area. The windows let it light and provides wonderful views.

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Another great place for a desk is in front of a bay window. It would have to be custom made to fit perfectly in that nook. A wonderful way to make the most of every little portion of space.

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This shelf desk looks so natural there it almost seems like the window was custom made just for it. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting some work done when they have such a lovely workspace?

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When the desk is so slender and space-saving, it doesn’t even matter which room you put it in. its simple design allows it to be extremely versatile and to fit in any kind of space.{found on adriennederosa}.

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A window is a plus for any desk, even if the views are not extraordinary. In fact, you can try to design your home office/ workspace in such a way that it integrates the views naturally. In this case, a few industrial details do the trick.{found on dhd}.

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Keep in mind that, even though the desk is simple and versatile, it still needs to integrate beautifully in the room, especially in the case of the bedroom. So select the material, finish and color carefully.{found on laurakirar}.

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Avoid making a small or narrow room seem even tinier by including lots of furniture. Try to keep everything light and airy. It’s why a wall-mounted shelf desk is an ideal choice for loft beds.{found on creativewoodwork}.