Sheep Handcrafted Footstool

Footstools are supposed to help you relax your feet when you do not want to put them in bed, for example when you are in the living room and you are wearing shoes. Footstools are often used by kids to sit on as they are smaller than the chairs and they do not have a back rest, so it is easier for the person sitting on it to move around and gives them more freedom of movement, which is great for kids. Any way, some people designed special footstools that have a funny look and Dimitri Omersa is one of them. He designed the piglet footstool first and now he moved on to making this funny Sheep Handcrafted Footstool.

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The footstool looks just like a sheep and it is even made of sheep leather and skin. The inside of the stool is made of wood, but the rest is natural. The size (22″L x 10″W x 11″H) is perfect for a stool and you can even use it to spice up the interior of your living room, a funny accessory for the kids room and so on.The item was originally sold by Abercrombie and Fitch and now it is available at North River Outfitter where you can order it online for $749.