Shark-themed Furniture

When we talk about themed furniture automatically our mind takes us to floral motifs or pieces from the 1920s. If through your mind just flew those images let me show you that this is not what I am talking about.  You have probably head about the elephant chair, it was posted a few days ago here on Homedit; not it is the time for marine wild life. Who’s the king of the seas? You’ve got it, the shark! Inspired by its strength and brute force, some people created a special shark-themed collection of c hairs and a table.

Deck sharkchairView in gallery

These chairs are destined to pro athletes or for people with a large corporal structure. It is interesting how in this design there were incorporated shark figures both under the table and on the armrests. As a matter of fact if I look closer, those shark figures are the actual armrests, as for the two united shark figures under table they only act as design elements because the table top is supported by a strong metal structure.

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Monster sharkchairView in gallery

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I am not a big fan of themed interiors, especially those that involve animal life, but this is interesting. If what you’ve seen  here light a spark in your head you must know that the coffee table  costs around $3,000 , the white Shark Chair will set you back for $ 5,000 and the big black Monster Chairs has written on its price tag: $8,000.