Shaker Onion Basket

City people buy vegetables at the supermarket and all of them are tightly wrapped in plastic bags. We do not even bother to unwrap them when we come home, but we simply throw them in the fridge drawer and only look for them when we need them next for cooking some meal. Well, we can have an unpleasant surprise and see the veggies all gone bad. This would not have happened if you had followed grannie’s advice and store the vegetables in an open and cool place. And the perfect spot is this Shaker Onion Basket.

Onion basket 1 grande

The material used is natural fibers of wicker that are gently twisted and woven together until you have a nice nest -like or cocoon like basket for your onion or garlic. The net has very big holes that allow the air to circulate freely and this way they do not rot, but stay cool and dry. It is simple and effective, used by our grandparents a long time ago and still very useful. You can have one of these for $45.