Shade Copper by Tom Dixon

I have just got rid of the Christmas feeling that was given by the presence of the Christmas tree in my home, but I still am a bit nostalgic about all those lights and decorations, about the shiny ornaments and the round balls in the tree. So when I saw this interesting Shade Copper by Tom Dixon I immediately associated it with a Christmas tree ball. This is actually a pendant lamp that is perfectly round and all shiny, hanging from the ceiling and bringing light into our homes. It has a copper covered shade, so it took its name from it.

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The lamp shade is made of a very resistant polycarbonate, but it is covered with a very thin layer of copper and it gives the lamp the incredible shine and glitter. The designer Tom Dixon combined a very simple design with the shining copper layer that has a very powerful visual impact. The lamp shade looks like a mirror thanks to the copper cover and this leads to an enhanced light beam. The light cast by the lamp is at the same time turned into a warm and cozy beam of light because it is sent through a round opening at the bottom of the round shade and that makes it perfect for the living room design. If you like the item, you can now buy it for £272 from Conran Shop.