10 Shabby Chic Nursery Design Ideas

It’s easy to get drawn to the shabby chic style because it’s so warm and friendly. This is a style that celebrates imperfection and natural beauty and it’s also very versatile. You can adapt the style to any area in the house, including the nursery room. In here, the strategies are numerous, clever and really inspiring.

Nursery bedding decorView in gallery

The wonderful thing about this nursery décor is the bedding. It matches the window curtains perfectly and features a very nice combination of colors and pattern. The same colors were also used when decorating the walls.

DIY touches nursery roomView in gallery

A great way to bring shabby chic charm into the nursery is through little DIY touches. For example, you can make some cute artwork for the walls by framing wallpaper or fabric which you used elsewhere in the room.{found on thelittleumbrella}.

Soft sweet shabby nurseryView in gallery

Or how about this dainty nursery décor? One of the walls is a gallery, the furniture is chic and elegant, with ornate elements, the light fixture is playful and eye-catching and the colors are soft and pleasant.{found on site}.

Shabby chic white nurseryView in gallery

You can use a few vintage details to give the nursery a shabby chic look. It’s all in the details and the way you combine all the elements. For example, everything in here has its own role in determining the style and ambiance of the space, including the chandelier, the pink bows, the lamp, the wall décor or the colors.{found on site}.

Black shabby chic nursery accentsView in gallery

Using soft, light colors isn’t your only option. You can create a shabby chic nursery if you use dark colors as well. For example, black furniture can look nice against a light blue background.

Vintage glam nurseryView in gallery

Prints and patterns also help emphasize certain styles. Opt for wallpaper in the nursery room and choose vintage designs with floral patterns or with pastels or faint colors.{found on quartosdebebes}.

Gracies shabby chic nurseryView in gallery

Use fabric and soft textures to make the nursery room feel comfortable, cozy and welcoming. Don’t skip the window treatments. You can also use fabric to decorate the walls.{found on projectnursery}.

Elises shabby chic nurseryView in gallery

The little things play an important role in the case of any décor. For the nursery, you can decorate the open shelves with a few vintage toys or accessories such as picture frames, some old books, etc.{found on projectnursery}.

Incorporating reclaimed materialsView in gallery

Incorporating reclaimed materials or furniture in a room will also give it a shabby chic look. A vintage dresser with a worn finish could look beautiful in the nursery, especially if it still has some of the original paint on.{found on projectnursery}.

Charm color pallet shabby chicView in gallery

Allow the room to feel peaceful and calming by using the right colors. Stay away from bold, bright shades and use instead earthy tones such as brown or beige combined with other faded colors. Create an organic color palette.{found on thelittleumbrella}.