Shabby Chic Country Kitchen Design For Creative Renovators

Renovating a kitchen can be challenging and costly, especially if you decide to replace everything with new items. But there’s also another option. You can reuse some of the elements and you can opt for a country style with shabby chic charm. Here’s a very nice example.

Country kitchen inspiration

This is a dream kitchen for its owners. It has been renovated and it now features a chic but not contemporary style. The owners decided to transform their old kitchen into a large open space with plenty of worktop space and storage and the idea was to reuse as much of the old design as possible.The whole project was mostly a DIY.

Country kitchen inspiration1

Country kitchen inspiration2

The kitchen island was made by a friend and it’s a multifunctional piece of furniture that also serves as a prep area and dining table. The chairs are from an industrial building and have that charm specific to this style.

Country kitchen inspiration3

Country kitchen inspiration4

The wall cabinet is particularly interesting. It was found in a barn and has a very nice country charm. As you can see, there’s enough storage space in the cabinet for all the utensils and items usually needed in the kitchen. The multitude of drawers also makes organizing the kitchen easier. The shelves suspended on the wall were made from leftover 1800s floorboards and they definitely add to the charm of this unique kitchen.{found on skonahem}.