Several of the Best Design-Worthy Symbols in Home Decor

Just like in fashion, your home decor can display some incredibly powerful and stylish symbols. From a peacock feather to a bursting star, there’s plenty of fun signs you can use to decorate your house. Symbols can add texture, inspiration and power to any part of your home, from the wallpaper to the curtains. Check out some of our favorite trending, design-worthy symbols in home decor.

1. Peacock Feathers.

Nursery corner

Beautiful, exotic and colorful, peacock feathers denote class, fashion and so much versatility. Some believe these feathers are a sign of rebirth and renewal. And others believe them to be a sign of royalty. Whatever the case may be and whatever you want it to symbolize in your life, these mark looks great on pillows, in art and even on the bedspreads. They’re also easy to play with. Looking great and melding well within an eclectic scenario, peacock feathers look chic and serene adorning a modern, sleek room too.

2. Starbursts.

Nursery corner

Exploding with joy, a starburst is a fun way to spruce up any wall or unsuspecting space. Adorn the mantle or use small bursts in the hallways, this symbol is a easy way to add texture and interest to the walls. It’s also very architectural so they’re great pieces to use in contemporary settings or artsy spaces. They also look the best in metallics, as it fits with the the futuristic, space-age theme.

3. Horseshoe.

Nursery corner

A sign of good luck, horeshoes are symbol little ways to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Hanging one above the door is said to bring good luck and blessing into your home and everyone who enters. But, they’re also fun to sprinkle around the house for an extra bit of lucky oomph.

4. Poppies.

Nursery corner

Poppies are dreamy and whimsical. They provide vibrancy and life and the most perfect pops of reds (and sometimes peach!). So whether it’s a piece of wall art or some beautiful plates and platters for your dinner party, these gorgeous, unique flowers look quintessentially spring and quintessential stylish.

5. Dragonfly.

Nursery corner

Another exotic, out-of-the-box symbol, dragonflies are good for the soul. It’s another sign of life and luck, and they look great in the midst of so many different genres of design. Out on the porch throw pilows, framed in the guest room or sprinkled above the mantle, they look great in vivacious color combinations but in chic black and whites too. They’re just a fun way to add surprise to any room including: nurseries, guest rooms and breakfast nooks!

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