Seven Must-Have Furniture In Every Home

Regardless of the type of home you have or the style you choose for the interior design, there are some elements that never change. Some pieces of furniture are must-have items and every home has them. They include the basics like the coffee table or the chairs but there are also other pieces that should exist in every home. For example, you should always be prepared with some extra seats for your guests and you should not choose to ignore items such as the nightstand or the bed bench, even if they might not seem that important and you would rather save some space. Here are the pieces of furniture that every home should have:

The console table.

Bed bench
Place the console table against the wall, in a space that would otherwise remain unused

The console table is an important part of a living room’s décor. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a display space for decorations but that can also become functional if needed. For a stronger visual effect, display a mirror or piece of artwork on the wall, just above the console table.

The coffee table.

Bed bench
It’s common for people to choose a coffee table that stands out

A living room doesn’t look or feel complete without a coffee table. It’s usually placed in the space that forms between the sofa and the armchairs or in the center of the sitting area. It’s a piece that connects all the elements of the décor around it and it’s also functional. Sometimes floral arrangements or other decorations are displayed on the coffee table and sometimes this piece also has built-in storage compartments.

The pouf.

Bed bench
Choose a color that stands out but that also complements the décor

Soft, cozy and comfortable, with a friendly texture, a casual look and a very versatile piece – his is the pouf. But even though it looks casual, a pouf can also become a beautiful part of a more elegant décor. Usually, poufs feature strong and vibrant colors that allow them to stand out and to serve both as decorations and as functional elements.

The extra chairs.

Bed bench
When not needed, the extra chairs should be hidden out of sight for a more airy atmosphere

You never know when guests might come over so it’s best to always be prepared. Make sure you have a few extra chairs that you can use in case you’ll need them. Foldable chairs are a nice option but you can also have classical chairs or some other types which you can stack one on top of the others and cleverly store somewhere.

The nightstand.

Bed bench
A bedroom with two beds and a nightstand in between them

In the bedroom, it’s really difficult to imagine the décor without a nightstand. It’s very practical as it allows you to store a book or magazine that you might like to read before you fall asleep, it gives you a place to put your alarm clock, phone, a glass of water, etc. If you want to save some space, built-in nightstands are a nice idea. Also, in bedrooms with two or more beds, a single nightstand placed in between can be enough.

The ottoman.

Bed bench
Padded, upholstered ottoman used as a coffee table

The ottoman is another extremely versatile piece of furniture. It consists of an upholstered seat and usually has neither back nor arms. It’s often used as a stool or footstool and, in some cases, it may even make a nice coffee table replacement. Some models also have built-in storage inside. You can use an ottoman in the living room, bedroom, games room, guest room and basically anywhere else you might need it.

The bedroom bench.

Bed bench
A simple and elegant bedroom bench that shares the same design as the bed

Bedroom benches are also versatile pieces of furniture. They make a nice extra place to sit on but they can also be used for storage. Some designs allow you to lift the top and reveal a storage space for things like extra pillows, blankets, clothes, etc. they usually match the bed in both design and color but other alternatives are also available.

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