Seven Awesome Skyline Views

The position of an apartment may bring some advantages like some cooling moments during summer or some warm hours during winter. The fact that it can be situated between some other apartments can bring a better protection from the outside factors .If the apartment is situated at the ground floor it will have a chilly atmosphere inside, will make you feel closer to the street and the things that happen in the street while an apartment at a higher level will bring some other advantages. The most important advantage of this type of apartment is related to the views which sometimes seem to be breathtaking.

Bedroom skyline view

For example the bedroom of an apartment situated in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood will definitely make your sleep hours sweeter with its river views and that of the building across it. It is a nice white-grey bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and an artistic touch brought by the presence of the painting that hangs above the bed.

San francisco skyline

In San Francisco, the corner of a room can become extremely special when its large windows offer you some clear views of the city which reach to some faraway hills. Its open balcony with the round table can make your relaxing moments even more pleasant admiring these views.

Living room awesome view

Perhaps this modern living area can make appreciate more the skyline views offered by an apartment. The square wood table, some brown leather and steel chairs and a comfortable sofa where in front of it there is a modern fireplace create the perfect place from where you can admire a beautiful suspended bridge that will definitely charm you with its lights that can be seen at night.

Office view

Another example is related to a space which looks like an office area although the long white table and the two elegant white chairs can constitute the elements of a refined dining room. Here you can sit in a comfortable white armchair situated in a corner of the room and admire the beautiful views of Sears Tower with the Merchandise Mart in between from Chicago.

Industrial bachelor pad views

A loft in Houston seems another interesting place which offers nice views of some distant buildings. It seems to be a renovated industrial area where the stone grey ceiling and the brick walls were kept to their original raw image. The rustic dark wood furniture and the dark parquet are contrasted by the long white bookcase where the TV screen is stored too, the white carpet and the comfortable light brown sofa.

Rooft top skyline

A rooftop deck may also be an option for those who are in love with skyline views. Situated west of the bend of the Chicago River, it is a place where the curving 333 Wacker Drive and other Loop buildings become spectacular views. It is a large terrace with an incorporated outdoor kitchen, two comfortable lounge chaise seats and many plants which will make your outdoor hours even more pleasant.

Dallas rooftop skyline

Dallas can also become a beautiful place to be admired although may not be so spectacular as New York or Chicago. A large rooftop area may offer some great views and its modern design can contribute to the pleasure of admiring these views. The comfortable sofas, the rattan furniture, the suspended TV screen or the red corner created by two elegant red armchairs put on a red carpet are just some elements that bring more comfort and pleasure to this remarkable place.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7}.