Modernism At Its Best Featured In The Serrano Apartments by A-cero

Characterized by minimalism, luminosity and spaciousness, the Serrano apartments are some of the most modern and stylish spaces in Madrid. They were a project by A-cero and they’ve been rented to the VP Hotel Group.

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Since each apartment serves a different purpose, the team from A-cero had to decorate them each in a different manner. Each apartment is thus unique and has its own personality and character. Even so, they all share in common a few characteristics such as the simplicity of the overall décor, the fact that the rooms are spacious, have huge bathrooms and large living areas. In total, the building has4 floors each with 2 apartments measuring 185 square meters.

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The color palettes mostly include the classical black and white combo as well as a series of other light and simple colors. All the apartments have big windows which let natural light invade the large spaces. They also all have at least 4 bedrooms and 3 or 4 bathrooms. The living areas are very spacious and, despite the minimalism, they feel very inviting.