Selectional Recliner sofa by Giorgio Soressi

Everybody seeks comfort in every little aspect of his life because this is our natural instinct to make things easier for us and to live a happy life.Probably the most important part from this philosophy is represented by the things that can really make a difference and that difference can be very easily felt. Beds, chairs, sofas, all are things that make our life better and more comfortable while resting and recharging our batteries for another day.

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This post is all about comfortable sofas that look wonderful in any interior and we will refer to a certain sofa and a certain degree of comfort, looks and of course value, not price.Designed by Giorgio Soressi this Sectional Recliner Sofa puts a smile of your face every time you look at it, feel it and lay down on it. Before rushing into conclusions let’s get a little bit into the technical details because excepting the looks, this is the best part.

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So, how would you like to sit in a piece of furniture that has a strong metal structure with a springing system based on elastic belts padded with non-deformable polyurethane foam. Seats made of natural goose feathers with inserts of the same non-deformable foam, material that was also used to build the back embedded in a reclinable mechanism. The arm is made of a material called piumafill,containing 70 % natural goose feather and 30% polyester fiber; all that sitting on a pare of satin matt chromed steel legs? Perfect, I imagine!