Seis Multi-level Candleholder

We are a long way from the moment when people lived in caves and discovered fire. But even then people realized the importance of fire and lighting and this has been an important issue to this day, especially in home design. It is useless to have a beautiful home if you have very little light and can’t admire it properly. Even in the evening or at night when natural light is gone and it is dark outside, you can use electricity or candles to bring light into your home. But if you want a romantic night or a special arrangement for a special celebration, you should choose this Seis Multi-level Candleholder.


This special candle holder is very nice looking and an incredible accessory, making your home a special place. It can be placed on the table, on the mantle piece or even fixed on the wall and the result will be surprising. It is made of square steel rod frame that also has a brass welding and six branches that hold six candles. The branches are artistically arranged in an irregular pattern that looks great against the wall. The six tealight candles that you can display there are sold separately, but they have little transparent glass shades that let the candle light out. This item is perfect both for indoor and outdoor use and it is made in India. If you want to purchase it, you can do that for $59.95.