Seeing Spots!

Spots and polka dots remain a timeless way to add a bit of fun to your décor. As long as you know how and where to use them, that is. Here are some tips on getting spotty.

Classic Black-and-White.

Mosaic traditional bathroom
Black-and-white remains sophisticated

The traditional black-and-white polka dot design is a timeless foray into dotty décor. It can be both trendy and elegant, especially when used against a backdrop of white.

Choose One Wall.

Office wall polka dots
Spots in Moderation Bring a Room to Life

What can ruin the use of spots in décor is if they are used in too-large quantities. Spots should be a fun design technique that brings attention to a small area, or livens up a space without making it feel like it’s being overtaken by a pack of Dalmatians! Choose one surface in a room for spots to make the look more effective, such as by adding polka dot wallpaper to one wall in a room.

Make a Pattern with Polka Dots.

Polka dots surface
Create an eye catching look with small shape of dots

You don’t have to stick to filling an entire wall with polka dots. Instead, you can create a pattern on one part of a wall for a more artistic approach to spots.

Polka Dot Accessories.

Ottoman chair design
Spotty Trimmings are Eye-Catching

Another easy way to use spots in a room correctly is to focus on spot-emblazoned accessories in décor, such as pillows, throws, lamps or ottomans. This is a subtle yet striking tip.

Pink room dots design
Using black-and-white polka dots centers color

When using bright colors in décor, adding some accessories with black-and-white polka dots can have the effect of earthing the bolder shades. It also creates a sophisticated touch to the décor and can create a trendy break in solid color.

How to Make Spots Blend.

Color scheme design1
Take Color Schemes into Consideration

Spots can be interesting on furniture and accessories but if you don’t want something too bright or eye-catching, make sure the dots blend into the room’s coloring. For instance, if you’ve got a kitchen that is in pale colors, getting white polka dot on beige chairs can be a great way to add a bit of fun design without making the spots the focus of the room. Spots are an easy DIY design move when using neutral colors in a room because the pattern can brighten things up while maintaining your earthy-toned décor.

Patterned Spots.

Wallpaper office
Get Creative with Spots that Form a Pattern

When we think of spots in décor, we have the tendency to think of black-and-white or multi-colored spots. But spots can also refer to round circles filled with interesting patterns. This is taking spots to a whole new level and it’s really trendy as wallpaper.

Multi-Colored Dots.

Ceiling dots
Bright and Bold Spots For a Trendier Touch

You don’t have to stick to the classic black-and-white variety of spots, though. Think up creative colors for really fun décor. If it’s going to be very bright, stick to the rule of keeping it in small amounts. This gives it a higher chance of being timeless for longer in your living space.

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