Sectional Glass Garage Doors Used In Modern Designs

A sectional garage door is a type where the door panel is split into sections horizontally. The door opens by rising vertically and it’s sliding in tracks which curve and then go horizontally into the room. There are several benefits for using this type of garage door. One of them has to do with space-saving.

Garage door for kitchen
A glass garage door that separates the kitchen from the courtyard

Given the fact that the door opens vertically and is suspended under the ceiling, this allows you to use the space inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors are also flexible, weather resistant and they keep out the wind, rain and dust.

Garage doors many windows
Modern living room with two glass garage doors meeting in the corner
Artist room
A bright garage with glass door transformed into a home studio
Overhead doors
Sectional glass garage door used in an eclectic living room with adjacent outdoor spaces
Overhead doors lake view
A glass garage door that opens the living room onto the water

It’s why this type of doors is so versatile and popular. One of the great things about it is that you can use it not only for the garage but also for other spaces. There are several types of sectional garage doors. One of them is the glass door which is wonderful because it allows visibility and it also has a more chic and elegant look.

Kitchen decor garage doors
Modern kitchen and dining area with a sectional door that connects I to the deck
Modern house garage doors
Beautiful patio that gets extended thanks to the glass garage doors
Garage turned into a office
This type of garage doors is very versatile and can be used for a variety of projects
New garage door for room
Because it’s very space-efficient, such a door can be used in small areas
Garage doors
A very chic and modern home office featuring a sectional garage door
Kitchen decor big door
Glass garage doors are perfect for areas with beautiful views

It thus allows us to include it in more sophisticated designs. For example, you could have such a door to separate the living room from the deck or the kitchen from the patio. Moreover, sectional doors fit anywhere so the shape and design are not important.

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