Secreto House in Mexico City

This Secreto House designed by Pascal Arquitectos has its location in Chimalistac, somewhere in Mexico City. It seems to be hidden by the the imposing trees which surround it. The arrangement of the mullions seems to give a different dimension, a double height volume; the simple exterior details give an air of modernity, thanks to their simplicity. The buliding has a rough and structural form which makes the visitor feel safe and the curtain wall reinforces this safety feeling.

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The entire atmosphere is impressive and makes you feel small and transient, compared to this imposing building. The construction in itself can be compared to a fortress that can never be touched by anything and which can endure whatever time might bring. The interior has a very creative design, each room having its own style, its own functional palette, its own distinctive details and differences which prove to be perfect examples of experimentation with use of materials.

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The ceiling may be perceived as unusual, but it is one of the original elements which add charm to the entire atmosphere; the office is deffinitely unique, it seems to invite you inside, promising to offer a totally new perspective over a work atmosphere and it certainly manages to do it.

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Everything breathes an air of immaculate beauty, and the perfectly chosen interior detalis strengthen this idea. The perfect example is photography, the key element in any room, which concludes that you were perfectly right, you are definitely in the perfect location.