Seaweed Round Mirror

If your hallway or living room is too boring or the walls are too empty and you want to bring a fresh look to your home, you might try to purchase this unusual, but very nice looking Seaweed Round Mirror. It is actually a very normal and boring mirror, or at least its inside is. Because you can see the round shaped middle center looking like any other normal mirror. However, what is most spectacular about it is the exterior design, meaning the frame surrounding the mirror, which looks like season.


It is pretty difficult indeed to have some idea about the mirror design unless you see it in pictures. But everybody knows what seaweed is and what it looks like. So basically the idea is to have a normal circle surrounded by metallic “seaweed”. These marine thin plants are present like thin threads of metal that create that chaotic design, that is surprising and chases monotony away. Any way, the mirror is both designed and manufactured by John Lewis and this particular mirror is available online for £120 for the product with the diameter of 90 cm.You can also compare its design with a star burst or maybe a twister approaching your mirror.