Seahorse Instant Bathroom

The Seashore Instant bathroom takes the bathroom to a new level. The Seahorse Instant Bathroom is an elegant solution for an instant bathroom. The plumbing is contained within the copper plinth walls and the water from the hand basin is saved into the cistern for the toilet flush, making it highly water efficient. In addition, the cooper facade offers natural antibacterial property which has the capability to destroy some bacteria within 90 minutes of contact.

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I can see why it’s called “instant bathroom” but I don’t understand why the “seahorse”. Anyway, this bathroom collection is functional and practical and it’s a good solution for those who are in a hurry or for area where it’s a little more difficult to get plumbing. It’s not a very large structure so it should be relatively easy to transport and it should also be easy to assemble. Still, you might want to ask for a specialist’s opinion.

The structure looks modern and quite stylish. It has a nice lustrous finish and nice color combinations. It’s an interesting fixture that is going to be useful to many people. It’s going to look very nice in a modern and simple bathroom. It’s an economic structure that recycles the water from the wash basin so this makes it extra efficient. Plus, the antibacterial façade is a really nice detail.