Sea Urchin Vase

Flowers are very beautiful, whether you admire them outside, in the garden or in the park, in their natural environment, or if you see them well arranged in a vase on your living room table. They bring a bit of joy and natural perfume into your home and make you happy for at least a couple of moments. Not to mention the amazing effect on the entire living room design. So flowers are nice and beautiful and decorative, but they are best valued in an interesting vase. This time I chose a very interesting and unusual vase that is made of transparent glass and is called Sea Urchin Vase. That is because it is designed by Roost – CA to look like a sea urchin.

Roost MedSeaUrchinVase thumb 311

You know the sea urchin – that marine creature that looks like a balloon with thorns – it was the source of inspiration for this vase and the designer kept the shape and the dimensions exactly. The glass is hand blown , so the vase is hand crafted and original, each such vase being unique and particular, beautiful and delicate. The flowers in the vase are very well valued because the transparent glass allows you to focus on the beauty of the flowers. The item is pretty small in size, so smaller flowers are recommended for it. You have have the product for just $10.