Sculptural “Metamorphosis” by Sebastian Errazuriz

Any man of culture would like to have in his own house as many works of art as possible.It is also the case this sculptural piece of furniture created by Sebastian Errazuriz a well known artist and designer.His functional bookshelf was inspired by nature and can be looked at as more a piece of art. Thus, for $ 75K, Metamorphosis can be bought and once you install on the wall of your house definitely will attract admiring views of those who will notice its presence.

Metamorphosis bookshelf Z7knu 12View in gallery

The way it looks makes us imagine the way the ivy grows, covering little by little the whole building where it is situated. This disordered arrangement of the shelves that imitates the ivy represents the beauty of this piece of furniture. The bookcase combines the aesthetic aspect in a pleasant way with its functional side and the way the books are arranged on the shelves contributes more to their beauty.

Metamorphosis was seen for the first time on 28th of April 2011, in New York at an exhibition of the artist’s furniture work “beautiful premonitions”.Its original and interesting design appears due to the fact that it was hand- carved by the Italian company Horm and crafted from limited edition Baltic birch plywood shelf.