School Bus Transformed Into A Functional And Mobile Home

Creative minds always try to come up with new and ingenious ideas for living spaces. They come up with projects like converting churches and factories into homes as well as more unusual structures like boats or even buses. Today we found this very interesting school bus which may look like a regular bus from the outside but it’s actually a home.

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Designed by Meet Hank, an architecture student, the bus home is not fully livable yet but it’s on the right track. This is a 225 square foot home inside a school bus. Although the space in limited and the layout is predetermined, there are still lots of variables. As you can see, there’s plenty of living and storage space inside.

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The furniture chosen for the project is simple and made of wood. The floor is made of reclaimed gym flooring and a cohesive decor has already started to be visible. As you can see, there’s plenty of light inside the bus. That’s because none of the structures or the furniture are built above the window line.

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Even though the window don’t offer much privacy, they are crucial for the overall result because they let light get inside and create a more open feel. To solve the issue, the architect built translucent insulation panels into the walls. They can be raised with magnets and offer privacy and insulation while also offering light and views. The bus also has two skylights.

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Since there wasn’t much space to work with in the first place, the architect had to be ingenious when it came to creating storage so he integrated storage spaces under the seats and in other clever areas.