Smart Apartment With A Scenic View Of The City

For an apartment in the city, the location matters a lot. But sometimes a central area may not be the most wonderful option if what you really want is a great way. In those cases the panorama becomes more important than anything else. That’s what we appreciate the most about this apartment designed by Ryan Lai Architects. It measures a total of 176 square meters and it makes the most of its orientation.

Jade apartment open social area
The apartment is not only spacious but also well-oriented towards the city
Jade apartment TV area
Its large windows let in an abundance of natural light that’s filtered through the breezy curtains
Jade apartment lounge sectional
A large open floor plan puts together the living, dining and kitchen areas

The apartment is definitely spacious. It has a huge social area that contains the living room, kitchen and dining area. Together they form an open plan. They feature large windows with breezy white curtains and access to a balcony from where the city can be admired in its entire splendor.

Jade apartment eames lounge chair
The three functions are seamlessly connected but also well-defined as individual spaces
Jade apartment coffee tables
An L-shaped sectional sofa frames the lounge area
Jade apartment living sofa
On one side, the backrest of the sectional doubles as a shelving unit and space divider

An L-shaped sofa is positioned in one of the corners, facing the wall-mounted TV. The longer section has an added backrest made of wood which doubles as a shelving unit and space divider. It separated the lounge area from the rest of the floor plan in a subtle and simple way. The space is completed by a stylish Eames lounge chair and its matching footstool.

Jade apartment kitchen island
The kitchen island can double as a bar and even has a pair of ceiling-mounted shelves
Jade apartment kitchen area
The dining table is positioned directly in front of the kitchen
Jade apartment kitchen appliances
All the appliances in the kitchen are built into the furniture ensuring a minimalistic design

The kitchen has a large island with built-in shelves and plenty of storage. All the appliances are built into the furniture which was custom made for the apartment. The island is big enough to hold a sink and cooktop and at the same time to double as a prep space or a bar.

Jade apartment dining table
The dining area is illuminated from two sides and offers panoramic views in both directions
Jade apartment dining partition
Three sculptural pendant lamps offer focused artificial light for the dining area
Jade apartment dining nook
Thanks to the shelving unit divider, there’s a very clear distinction between all the functions

The dining area is in the continuation of the kitchen, framed by the sectional on one side and by a wall with large windows on the other. In fact, it’s placed in a corner and this allows it to benefit from panoramic views on two sides. At the same time, it receives lots of natural light.

Jade apartment balcony view
An open balcony offers a scenic view of the city
Jade apartment bedroom window unit
The bedrooms have a slightly angled ceiling with a gentle pitch
Jade apartment bedroom sleeping aera
Instead of fabric curtains, the bedroom windows feature remote-operated screens

The bedrooms are not particularly large and this gives a more intimate and comfortable look. All of them are big enough to integrate the necessary furniture pieces such as double beds, desks, nightstands and even some extra accent pieces.

Jade apartment bedroom desk
Although relatively small, the bedroom is big enough to accommodate a desk for two
Jade apartment bedroom curtain
The headboard extends from one end of the wall to the other and holds a long wooden shelf
Jade apartment bedroom cabinet
The wardrobe matches the headboard and nightstands

The design overall is modern and practical. Simplicity is preferred over opulence and this can best be seen on the ceiling which conceals the ventilation and smoke detectors, featuring a minimalist and sleek design.

Jade apartment bathroom area
This wall has the same color and finish as the one in the bedroom
Jade apartment sliding doors
The overall interior design is a simple one based on high-quality materials

In addition to being so welcoming, chic and elegant, the Jade apartment is also a smart home. It features lights, curtains, air conditioning, a surveillance system and home theater which can be remotely operated via smartphone or tablet.

Jade apartment wooden furniturer
Wood is the main material and is used here in combination with glass for a sophisticated look