Scary DIY Mummy Pumpkins

I am not a fan of scaring things .Even now I am afraid of dark, of dead people, skeletons and other frightening items. I remember that when I was little and I had to walk on the hall of my apartment because it was dark and I was afraid of all kinds of shadows I covered my eyes with my hand until I reached the place I needed. I think that all these phobias are genetic as my father is afraid of the same things.

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Although I do not like the scary costumes of Halloween I do love this holiday and the legends related to it. Since the Trick- and –Treaters appear at your door costumed as vampires, witches, monsters, phantoms or other scary characters you may also receive them with an appropriate Halloween décor. You may create your own scary DIY Mummy Pumpkins that will look great at your windows. Perhaps they will even protect you from the evil spirits as it is said on Halloween. The more frightening your house looks like the more protected you will be.

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It is an easy DIY project that it will not cost you too much. All you need for it are some materials like: a plastic or foam pumpkin, spray fabric stiffener, cheesecloth, googly eyes, scissors and hot glue.{found on changingmydestiny}