12 Gorgeous Scandinavian Nurseries

Scandinavian decorating is nothing short of magical. Even though it depends on very little color and clutter, the style manages to be cozy and warm nonetheless. Looking through Scandinavian living rooms, you probably wouldn’t choose that for your child’s nursery. However such a minimalistic style is one of the best nursery themes out there. It teaches your children that family, not things, is the warmth of life from the very beginning. Plus, when there is little color to be had, it’s easy for decorating changes to be made as your child grows older and explores their own personal tastes. Here are 12 Scandinavian nurseries that will inspire you to take on the challenge and create a cozy Scandinavian nursery of your own.

Black white natural tones scandinavian nursery

Let’s talk about the color scheme. All of the best Scandinavian rooms have white walls with black, gray and light wooden accents. Keep to those picks for your nursery, adding pale blue or pink depending on the gender of your baby. (via Petit and Small)

Minimalist baby crib

All Scandinavian styled cribs have one thing in common. They feature clean lines and no frivolity. The beauty of a straightforward Scandinavian crib is that it will not only work for your baby girl, but also your baby boy! (via Frenchy Fancy)

You might have noticed, but most Scandinavian spaces have something shaped like a house in it. So whether it’s a shelf or a desk or a play space, add something shaped like a house to your nursery and bring your little one’s thoughts home to rest. (via Macarena Gea)

Wallpaper statement wall

In some nurseries, it just makes sense to have a statement wall. I approve as long as the wallpaper is a pale pattern that will match the rest of the pale cool tones you’ve got going on in your baby’s room. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Fuzzy area rug

Scandinavian styling requires you to be intentional about comfort. While sheepskin and cowhide rugs are appropriate for many spaces, you’ll want to choose a high pile rug for the nursery. Don’t worry, it won’t diminish the style at all.

Pretty creative storage

Storage is a must in every nursery. So when you’re thinking about storage for your Scandinavian space, go with something a little quirky and creative. Maybe that’s an interesting bookshelf or maybe it’s a line of patterned fabric totes. With the lack of other things, creative storage will draw the eyes like a the decorative spot it is. (via Design Sponge)

Pretty clothes on display

You know that lacy little dress for your love? Or those adorable overalls you just keep putting on your little man? Take them out of the closet and hang them up in the nursery for everyone to see. It will be the most practical art you’ll find. (via Grey White Heart)

Large statement art

Speaking of art, the options for nursery art seem endless. You have to choose for a Scandinavian nursery though. Pick your favorite and get it in the biggest size there is. Because statement art is all the rage for your whole house. (via Design Attractor)

Hanging banner decor

Isn’t bunting wonderful? Many Scandinavian spaces for children opt for hanging bunting instead of filling the walls with pictures and prints. It’s certainly the best way to decorate up high without adding to the clutter. 

Matching toned toys

If you needed a reason to curate your child’s toys, this is it. Put the playthings on display if they match the tones you’ve got going on in the rest of the room. If they don’t, stash it in a basket where no one will see. (via Petit and Small)

Space for creativity

Nurturing your child’s creativity is important, no matter how old they are. Provide a space for your love to draw and imagine to their heart’s content, whether that’s a little table and chair or an easel or even just a chalkboard wall. (via Mini Style)

Must have pouf

Are you ready for the final secret to styling a Scandinavian nursery? It’s as simple as adding a pouf. Yes, choose a cozy pouf and leave it in your child’s room. It’s good for reading time, for resting baby dolls, for doing puzzles and even for making you comfy while you play with your child. The many uses make it a must for every nursery. (via Piccoli Elfi)