Scandinavian and Luxury Styles Apartment Interior Design

Mixing styles is not easy, especially when they are as different as the ones in this apartment. This is a Scandinavian apartment so it has a very simple base. However, the interior design is a mix of several very different styles that go from antique to contemporary. Combining such contrasting elements can result in something very striking and very inspiring but it can also become a disaster. In this case the results and phenomenal.

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This apartment is partially simple and partially glamorous. The overall base is minimalist but the rest is filled with details that stand out and really take this décor to a whole new level. The apartment features an eclectic style with a variety of elements that, instead of clashing as they could very well do, combine harmoniously and result in a very beautiful mix. There are some very lovely antique pieces in there that are combined with vintage, mid-century modern and contemporary elements and the combinations are surprising and they work really well together.

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As for the color palette, the vast majority of the apartment is white. It’s like a base for all the other elements and details to shine on. The wooden furniture really stands out on the white background and the monotony is broken by some colorful pieces and tones of green that also add freshness to the décor. Moreover, there are some golden elements in there as well that are easy to spot and that stand out with their glamorous look.{found on site}.