Scandinavian 1910 house featuring a white floor

White predominating in all rooms gives a feeling of purity, the use of the clear, non-color, white makes the house a sparkling brilliant house. The IKEA kitchen is one that suits the place and, besides that, it has a good reasonable price. The multitude of windows, make the place bright. The light that enters the rooms makes reading a pleasure. The furniture is a classic, giving the house a rustic touch.

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The Scandinavian house is from 1901, so it’s a pretty old house. Currently the house underwent a renovation process and what we see now is the final touch. The bathroom is one of pure classic, because it is very simple and refined. Because white is dominating the whole bathroom it gives a clean air.

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The floor in black and white combination gives you the feeling that you are in a game of chess. So when you’re in the bathroom it will be your turn to make the next move. That’s why you feel a little pressured when your feet are touching the floor and to quit the game you should relax with a nice warm bath.

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The house is filled with classical elements. From the chandeliers and the wonderful chairs that look like those from the royal court, the simple designed closets, the extraordinary wooden floor in the living room, and the combination of white and gray on kitchen floor, all bring a graceful style to the home, making you feel like you own a mini palace. This could be the perfect place where you can learn to dance waltz and make ballet.{found on bolig}.