Say Yes to Yellow

Lemon Yellow has been named one of the trendy colors for 2013, but it is important to know how to use it in your home décor so it doesn’t turn sour. Here are some tips.

Kitchen Countertops.

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Don’t Only Drink it – Lemon is a Kitchen Décor Refreshment

Yellow is a great color for use in the kitchen because it calls to mind freshness and warmth. Instant mood lifter! A splash of lemon yellow in this way is subtle but very effective. Balance it out with wood trimmings.

Sit on the Sun.

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Sunny Chairs Can Be Tasteful

You might feel a little less experimental with your dining room chairs when compared to other seating areas in the home. However, a bright color can invigorate the room. Lemon yellow is a good choice as it doesn’t skimp on elegance. When used in conjunction with jewel green or pale gold, it provides a modern twist on sophistication.

Mix it with a Trend.

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Blend it with Fashion

Lemon yellow can become even more effective when used with a trend in your décor. For instance, chevron stripes are a trendy spin on regular stripes, and displaying them in yellow makes them more pronounced. This is also an easy way to combine yellow in your current décor scheme. Simply let it work with a current trend to increase its effect.

Light Lemon Wood.

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Stained Wood has Traces of Lemon Loveliness

If you want a more subtle lemon color in your home, you could target your wood. Choosing a very pale wood that comes with a custom stain can give the impression of a lemon shade, without it being overwhelming.

Add Raspberry.

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Fruity Flavors Set Against Harder Elements

A great color combination is lemon and raspberry, perfect for calling summer’s return! However, think of using this blend in a room that is toned down and neutral, such as a study. When used with rustic elements, such as exposed brick walls and metal, lemon and raspberry create an interesting contrast.

Surprising Pieces of Furniture.

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Flair in a Flash

Choose a piece of furniture that is not usually in a bright color, such as a bathroom vanity or side table, and then make it lemon yellow. Set against white walls and/or a grey shower curtain, the yellow makes the room look so much more interesting.

Sail Away.

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Lemon Revamps the Nautical Look

A beach house feeling can be acquired with the use of colors such as blue and white, as well as stripes. But throw in some pale lemon yellow to bring it to life. The effect is refreshing – all you need are soothing ocean sounds outside your bedroom window to complete it.

Delicious Décor.

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Decorate with Real Lemons

Decorating with flowers and fruits is always in fashion. A bowl of lovely lemons could be just the burst of color that you need, and it won’t cost you anything to add them to your décor.

Charming French Design.

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Classy and Warm

If you want a French-inspired design, the use of yellow can work in different ways, depending on the look you want. Soft lemon yellow can be a wondrous addition in a traditional French-inspired design. Mix it with blue and gold for sophistication.

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Squeeze Lemon for Delightful Décor

However, opt for a brighter shade for a charming result. Window treatments and seat cushions in a bright lemon yellow make one feel that they are in a French cottage or farmhouse.

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