Saving Space with Twin Chair

First time when I saw this furniture piece appears to be a common chair. But also the name suggest 2, Twin Chair.Made by a French designer Philippe Nigro this grate idea it’s useful for those who have problem with area. If you have more guest the number of chairs can be easily be doubled with the “Twin Chair” .The design its simple and unique connected with real life.

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It’s a creative and interesting idea, not very original though. There are also some other similar designs that use the same technique and some of them are even more attractive. But the idea is very clever. Space is always a problem, especially in small apartments. And chairs are furniture pieces that are necessary but that however take a lot of space. It’s good to be prepared and to have enough chairs for everyone when you have guests but after they leave you have to deal with them and to find a place to sore them. But this way you can save a lot of space.

One chair can be easily turned into two different items, practical and useful. And the can be easily stacked and stored away when not needed. And whenever some extra guests are coming to visit, just separate them and the problem is solved. The chairs are simple and they can be used for the dining room.