Savannah Floral Duvet Cover

Men are different from women and this shows from the early times in their lives, ever since they are children. So girls prefer pink and flowers and boys want cars and blue. I don’t know if education is to blame and the fact that we, their parents, teach them that or maybe the fact that they make the difference between sexes this way, but it’s totally true. If you take a little girl shopping and ask her to choose a certain duvet cover in a big shop where you can find dozens of models, you will be surprised to see she will always choose a pink one with many flowers, possibly roses and also ribbons. This Savannah Floral Duvet Cover is illustrative for a girl’s bedding.

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This duvet is made  of pure cotton percale, so it is high quality , not just good looking. It is every girl’s dream, as it contains all the necessary ingredients: it is pinkish, it has roses and ribbons and is very nice to touch. It is also very good for children, as it is hypo- allergenic, and is can reverse sides. The pillow cases closes with a ribbon in a very sweet way and you can also choose to personalize every duvet cover with the name of your little girl embroidered on it for $7. The item is safe to wash in the washing machine and you can purchase it now for $26.50 – $109.00, depending on size and also the number of items you want included in the set (the duvet cover, sham and insert sold are separately.