Saucer-Shaped Planters By Flip&Tumble

When decorating your home you have to keep in mind the small details because these are the ones that give personality to the place. Every little thing matters, it can add warmth, depth or even drama. Such an element is the Felt Pod designed by Flip & Tumble.These lovely items are made from recycled felt and they offer a great solution for your apartment. Moreover they are small in size, 6.5″ in diameter, making them perfect for those of you who don’t benefit from a lot of space. If you love flowers and want to make your home more close to nature then the Felt Pods are exactly what you need.

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The Pods are designed to keep your plants warm and cozy while adding a bit of color to your house. The mini, colorful planters are lined in plastic and come with a dropper to make watering a cinch. These saucer-shaped items are available in different colors: grey, orange and green, so you can choose one that goes with your decor.

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If you want to bring a little greenary to your place then the Felt Pods are the best way to go. They are compact and affordable (only $14 each) and they will spruce up your home.