Satin Nickel Brookshire Collection Door Handle

Door handles were invented so as to let people open and close doors. Of course we could do just fine without them but they are very useful because the least wind can open a door without a handle. Any way, door handles are not only functional, but sometimes they are so beautiful that you can’t stop admiring them and forget why you put your hand on them in the first place. For example I consider this exquisite Satin Nickel Brookshire Collection Door Handle a real work of art.

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It is not meant to lock the door, but to keep it closed and to look fine, too. It is great for closets and rooms that do not need to be secured. It looks amazingly well and the handle is accompanied by a very beautiful platform around it that hides the hardware part and only leaves the nice design outside to be admired. The item is available in satin nickel and this makes it look all shiny and sparking, as if made of precious metal. You can almost see the high quality of the materials used and the finishes that are coordinated with the plumbing and lighting. It is very easy to install and you only need a screwdriver and three steps in the process. You can choose between different handle types and also finishes from