Sass & Belle Flying Birds Wall Art

In most parts of the world it’s a clear distinction between summer and winter , especially in the animal world and for the birds. Many birds leave the countries where autumn comes and go to warmer places. That is why I always associate spring with the birds coming back to their homes and flying in nice and symmetric flocks. So the guys from Sass & Belle used this as a source of inspiration for their Flying Birds Wall Art. It is a home accessory you can display on the walls and make the room special and bring an original look and design. It matches light blue walls perfectly because they suggest the blue sky.

5536412928745 Black l11This wall decor is perfect for filling in the empty space you might have on your wall and is a great idea for big rooms, as they reduce the volume. The swallows are made of ceramic and have three different sizes, so that you can arrange them in a flock, creating the perfect illusion. They go from 10cm x 8.5cm to 13cm x 11cm and finally to 19cm x 15cm. The birds are coloured in black and are all shiny and nice, looking great on any wall. The whole set of three different sized birds can be purchased for €20.00.