Sapporo Shelving with Cable Management

I like technology and usually my electronic appliances are located in the living room. But I try to combine them with books and shelves so as to get an interesting design. So i integrate the TV set, DVD player and the other gadgets in and among the bookshelves. I surround them with books and accessories in order to make the best of it. The only problem about this combination is the fact that sometimes I can get a clutter of cables and I do not know how to manage them because they keep getting in the way and getting pressed by shelves and stuck in doors. That is why I am so happy I found this Sapporo Shelving with Cable Management.

Shelving new

First of all this is not a fixed shelving system that you purchase and make sure is fit for your living room. It is available in many sizes and combinations and this way you can find the best one for you. Then it’s the cable management system – those useful holes that are made in the right place, allowing cables to get out and get into the plug without annoying anyone. You also have the possibility to choose the number of shelves and whether to have transparent doors or not. Jesús Gasca, the designer of this furniture set, chose the best materials for this: powder-coated steel base; white lacquer over white laminated MDF; optional doors in tempered glass, plexiglass or walnut and oak veneer. Prices vary depending on size and choice between $646 and $2,444 on Design within reach.