Santander-Totta University Bank Agency by LGLS Architects

In the outskirts of Setubal, a small town lies the campus of Setubal Polytechnic Institute, which contains various schools built in the eighties and nineties with a typical Portugal landscape in the southern style.

Santander-Totta University Bank Agency by LGLS Architects1View in gallery

A simple white path was carved in the already existing cobblestone path so as to make way for a passage through its vast area, with the help of the already existing pedestrian marks in the site.

At first this structure was designed without any specific use. They thought they could bring up a coffee shop or a guardhouse or a convenience store at this place, but at last it became an agency serving the Santander-Totta Bank only modifying certain features of the building.

The Bank was colored red, which was of great use in certain formal occasions, which also introduced the excavation of the place’s original volume. This combination of the central part and the strong color had a very good effect on the Bank’s identity in that specific place.