Santa Maria Novella Potpourri Wax Tablets

Just like Marcel Proust said in his book I associate different scents with different people and places. For example every time I smell lavender I remember of my grandma’s wardrobe. She used small bunches of lavender hung in her wardrobe to keep a nice and fresh smell inside. This is the general idea of the guys from Santa Maria Novella, which is actually one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, when they decided to make these beautiful Santa Maria Novella Potpourri Wax Tablets. Only this time they did not use dried plants, but bits plants trapped inside wax plates.

1729These tablets are scented and they spread a nice and floral scent all around them, so they are perfect for the drawers and linen cabinets and wardrobes. The wax used for making these potpourri tablets is totally organic and it comes from Santa Maria Novella’s bee farm. It is a natural product that has been used for ages and is still very cool and nice and environmentally friendly. You just hang the plate in the closet or cabinet or simply in the room you want to refresh and you will immediately feel the nice and natural perfume. The product can be purchased for $34 at Aedes.