Sanderson 50s Wallpapers

My grandma lives in a small village in the countryside and she whitewashes her house at least twice every year. That happens because the walls get dirty for various reasons like smoke, dust, kids living on the premises and so on. And since I have my own kids I do that , too. But sometimes you just don’t find enough time and resources for this. That is why it is great to look for other alternatives. And one of the best solutions is to use wallpaper. Wallpapers have very different patterns that are already printed on them. They are washable and a lot more resistant than a whitewashed wall. These Sanderson 50s Wallpapers  are amazing because they have an interesting modern design.

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The pattern is made of small shapes that look like feathers or leaves of different colours. The colours are strong and come in great contrast, obtaining a great visual effect. It can be part of the overall design of the room and brings a touch of freshness and colour to it. The wallpaper is designed by Miro and can be purchased for £31.00. The price refers to a piece of wallpaper with the following dimensions: Width-   52cms and Length  10m.