Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator

With a 10” touchscree display in combination with high quality WiFi software, the new Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator is a creation of the Italian Jewelry designer named Massimo Zucchi. The product however is made exclusively for the Korean market.

One of the novel features of the new Refrigerator is that it enables the consumers check up to date news, weather forecast, and at the same time download the favorite electronic albums including the instant Internet access. In fact such features transform the Refrigerator into a unique modern tool for communication.


Samsung Ziepel e-Diary Refrigerator is available in multiple models. For instance the 25 ft3 capacity model comes saddled with LED lights on the surface of both the doors and is highly energy efficient. Smart Eco system drops the electricity rate to 32 Kwh per month. The only downside could be the price that comes at an average of #2170 per refrigerator.

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Samsung zipel zucchi e dairy refrigeratorView in gallery