Salt Cellar and Spoon

Back in the ancient times salt was very expensive because it was very rare. People liked tasty food and tasty food was obtained only if you used salt, so they paid a lot for it and stored it carefully. Well, that time is gone now, but we still use salt in the kitchen, when cooking and eating, so every home must have a place where to store it. And since we use it every day and we take only the quantity that is necessary it must be placed in an object with easy access like this Salt Cellar and Spoon. This salt cellar is made of ceramics and is made especially for storing salt. It is perfect for this purpose, as it has a large opening, allowing you easy access to the salt inside.

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The spoon is also made of ceramics and has a similar design with the salt cellar, so they seem to make up a set. This item is hand made in a studio in Atlanta and is only made on order. The cellar that you can see in the picture is orange, but you can choose among a variety of colours and patterns to design your order. So if you like what you see, place the order online together with your options and you can have the set for $30.