Salt And Pepper Grinders That Spice Up Your Kitchen

Salt and pepper grinders or mills have been around for ages and, although the concept and the way they function hasn’t changed much over the years, the designs have definitely evolved. You can now find these accessories in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Their quirky designs has turned them into desirable collectibles and lovely accessories for the kitchen.


This chic set is made of ash and stainless steel. It has a ceramic mechanism and a design that references the key clock and musical box. The key has a black finish in the case of the pepper mill and a polished stainless steel finish for the salt one.Available on site.


Designed and developed by Williams-Sonoma, this acacia salt and pepper grinder set blends classic beauty with function and efficiency. They’re both sturdy and have matching designs. The pepper mill has an adjustable stainless steel grinding mechanism.Available for $36.

Modern pepper y grinder

Made in France, this series of classic wooden mills let you choose from six settings, from ultrafine to coarse, in order to perfectly season your food. The salt mill has a stainless steel grinding mechanism designed to resist corrosion and the pepper mill has a case-hardened steel mechanism which cracks the peppercorns before grinding.Available for $37.


The Statuesque antique series is hand crafted from Goncalo Alves, also known as Tigerwood or Zebrawood, one of the hardest of all species. It’s why the set is designed to last for generations. The salt mill has a ceramic mechanism and the pepper mill uses the coffee grinder style grinder.Available for $425.


The Atlas pepper mill is a classic, believed to have been invented for soldiers in the greek army a century ago. Variations of the original designs are still around and popular. This one uses the same combination of brass and copper and has an unlacquered exterior.Available for $90.


Some prefer the see-through mills because it’s easier to see what’s inside and to avoid using pepper instead of salt or vice versa. The William Bounds acrylic set has chromed steel tops which gives the mills a modern look. The crank-top mechanism is easy to use and to adjust.Available for $30.

Modern pepper y grinder

If you like the more ornate and antique-looking models, then the Zamac mills might be what you’re looking for. They are handmade out of nickel plating and zamac casting and they’re great both as decorative accessories for the kitchen or dining table and as actual grinding mechanisms.Available for $17.

Modern pepper y grinder

But if a modern design is what you’re looking for, then you should look for something different. Perhaps these gorgeous mills are a good option. They feature a non-corrosive grinding mechanism that can be adjusted. They come in two sizes so you can decide if you need more salt or more pepper in the kitchen.Available for $225.

Modern pepper y grinder

The Y-Grinder by Joseph Joseph also has a modern, even futuristic design. It’s made entirely of ceramic, guaranteed to be anti-corrosive up to 10 years. The case is made from polished acrylic and the mechanism from a hard ceramic. With this simple and intuitive design you have the salt and pepper together in the same mill.{found on yankodesign}.