Eco-friendly house opens to the views through an inspiring makeover

It would a shame to have a house in a beautiful area surrounded by great views and not to take advantage of its location. It’s why this house has undergone a makeover. Located on Mount Misery, the house has a beautiful wooden structure and a simple design and, after its been renovated, it also became more Eco-friendly and sustainable.

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The main idea behind the project was creating a stronger connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The beautiful forest and garden surrounding the building offer the perfect setting for a gorgeous retreat. Part of the project was to create a series of porches and to remove some of the walls in order to connect the interior spaces with the decks and outdoor spaces.

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As we’ve already mentioned, the house also has a sustainable design. It features recycled wood features, energy-efficient appliances, a rain water collecting system and solar panels. In a way you could say it’s been modernized although it retained a lot of its original charm and character. The peaceful and inviting interior complements the overall design, creating a nice environment from which to admire and enjoy nature and feel close to the outdoors.