Safe and sound at the barn house in Pyrenees

Most of us try to make our home pleasant and suitable for a better living with all the accommodations and comfort technology nowadays offers, using latest inventions and trends, materials and design in order to obtain a modern and cool look.

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In the case of some people in Hautes-Pyrénées, France, the situation is a little different. They made a environmental friendly house by keeping the barn look alive to fit with the existing barn while adding living spaces, utility area and a garage in order to obtain this rustic get-away in the mountains.

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Looking from outside all you can see is something that seems to be a barn because of the chopped peaces of wood that are exposed in the walls and in front of the house but with a better look you see the bedroom and the saloon. The house is made in the mountains for relaxation of the people who climb there and offers best view even from the bed. Entire design was designed by PPA.It offers best relaxation and comfort while standing in the middle of the nature feeling far away from the technology, which is mainly the main reason people go hiking.

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Just imagine what would it be like to live this house, to stay in bed and watch the stars and the view surrounded only by the wild but feeling safe also because the house is made by professionals and gives best safety due to the industrial steel used for constructing it.