Saddle Stools – Ergonomic Seats With A Chic Western Twist

The inspiration for a design or a style can come from anywhere. And once it’s all said and done, it all feels very natural and familiar. For example, taking inspiration from the saddle seat to create a stool feels like an obvious thing to do and for good reason. Saddle stools have long left behind their connection with the object that led to their creation and are now representing a style of their own.

Saddle bar stoolsView in gallery

There are lots of ways in which you can include saddle bar stools in your home’s décor. Here they complement the kitchen and dining room and their simple yet eye-catching design makes them stand out in an elegant way.

Storage under kitchen islandView in gallery

by Bel Air Photography

Love the seat on these bar stools. The shape goes really well with the whole traditional décor and the color is a nice choice in this particular setting as it contrasts with the rest of the furniture.

White u shaped kitchenView in gallery

There’s something very nice about the way these saddle bar stools complement the traditional white kitchen. The colors go well together and we love the design on the stools and their sleek and simple design.

Modern kitchen design saddle stoolsView in gallery

Although they look great in traditional and rustic decors, saddle stools can also be used in modern and contemporary spaces. In this particular cse the beautifully match the dark wooden furniture.{found on allardandroberts}.

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It’s nice to match the bar stools with something else. Take these ones for example. The finish on the legs matches the dining room chairs and the seat is plain and simple.

Traditional kitchen island featuring saddle stoolsView in gallery

Another example of a traditional kitchen featuring saddle stools. This time there’s only two of them and only one portion of the kitchen island serves as a bar.

Stool saddle shapeView in gallery

These saddle-inspired stools are a great addition to both modern and traditional decors and their seat is comfortable while the shape also helps maintain posture while seated.

Rustic western kitchenView in gallery

by June Cannon

Try a more western-inspired look for your saddle stools and bring them a little bit closer to the very design that inspired them in the first place. An interesting look that could work in a rustic home.

Brown kitchen saddle modern stoolsView in gallery

While the inspiration remains the same for all saddle stools, they each feature their own version and design. These ones are sleek and simple and have an elegant allure.

Unique saddle stoolsView in gallery

Others are more ornate, like these unique stools which go perfectly with the high top tables and create a bistro look for this traditional basement.

Western home bar seatingView in gallery

by Whitney Lyons

These bar stools look like they have actual saddles as seats. Also, notice all the other western elements used in the décor, such as the wine racks made of saddle fenders and the horse reins used to hold the wine bottles.

Deck seating saddle on topView in gallery

Given the shape and design of these stools, putting a saddle on top seamed like a natural thing to do. They also have the perfect height and look great on this deck.

Shared desk featuring modern Saddle stoolsView in gallery

Saddles didn’t only inspire bar stool designs. These office stools feature a similar seat. It’s actually a very nice design for an office seat as the shape allows it to be comfortable and to help maintain good posture.

Gabriel hargrove saddle stoolView in gallery

A very artistic saddle stool, with an elegant tripod base and a very chic overall look. Such a piece of furniture can easily become a focal point in any décor.

Dalfred stool with brooks saddleView in gallery

And here’s an idea for a DIY project: take Dalfred Stool from Ikea and replace the seat with a leather bicycle saddle. You’ll have to grind away some plastic at the top of the mounting post and that’s about it. You just have to find a bike saddle that’s comfortable enough to use as an actual seat and the rest is really simple.{found on ikeahackers}.