Sacco Missoni Zanotta

Furniture designers see, to be very creative and to have a lot of imagination, as they have created many unusual and unique items that take you by surprise, but in a pleasant way. I like all of them and I am kind of curious to see what they can bring new next. But, to my surprise, I have discovered many pieces of furniture that were created some time i the past, but have not been very well advertised and now they are re-discovered. Such a case is Sacco Missoni Zanotta, a kind of a pear chair, very soft and comfortable and which is great to place in any room.

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These baggy chairs have a pear shape and are very colourful, as they are covered with yellow, red or blue Fabric Scilla which is removable and easily washable. They have polystyrene pellets and look very colourful and merry. This chair was actually designed back in 1968 by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro for Zanotta and even then it looked pretty modern and avant-garde.

The floral design makes this piece of furniture look great in any room you decide to place it. It is ergonomic, too, as it follows the natural shape of your body thanks to the polystyrene pellets that can change the exterior shape. The item can now be purchased for 810.00€.