Sabrina – Accent Lamp from Robert Abbey

Usually table lamps, especially the ones that are meant to be used in the bedroom, on the bedside table, are kind of neutral in tones and styles. I mean they can easily be used by both men and women and they do not show any particular features that might suggest they should be used or preferred by either gender. That happens because usually the bedroom is meant for both persons, for a couple and they are both supposed to feel comfortable there. But sometimes some women are single or just alone and want to express their femininity in their bedroom, too. So they want to choose feminine objects to surround them and want class and style. This Sabrina – Accent Lamp from Robert Abbey is perfect for any woman’s bedroom.

12It is so delicate and beautiful that you will love it on the spot. It actually is a normal looking lamp with a normal ceramic rounded body, but the small and delicate and detailed row of flowers that goes up the body lamp in a winding spiral makes the difference. The white porcelain is the perfect choice, as it underlines the glamour and purity of the design and turns the lamp into a beautiful decorative accessory. The shade is made of translucent white Mont Blanc parchment and covers a 60 W light bulb that provides enough light for the room. You can purchase the item for just $151.80.