Saarinen Style Tulip Table

What I like about modern interior design and furniture design is that it has no boundaries: you can see both men and women creating new stuff for the home and also they come from different parts of the world. One thing I do not understand completely and this is how on Earth did they get to have to many talented designers in Finland.  Some of them stayed in their country, but some others made a name abroad like Eero Saarinen who moved with his family to US and developed his career there. Well, he is most known for a few things, among which the Tulip chair. It was a source of inspiration for many people and that is why we nowadays have things like this Saarinen Style Tulip Table that kept his vision, but turned it into a table.

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This table totally preserves the materials used by Saarinen and also the way in which he designed his works, giving an”organic design to his furnishings”. The table is made of fiber glass and it looks like melting down and dripping on the floor in a little pond that is actually the table base. The opposite circle is bigger and wider and it is the table top. They are connected by a thin and graceful leg. The item shows Mid Century features and complements any room it is placed in. You can have it now from e-Bay for $495.