Rustic water-front property in Connecticut

This impressive property is located in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. It was a project by A.P. Savino LLC. It’s a lovely water-front property with beautiful landscape and great views. It’s the type of property that anyone would perceive as a great family home. Indeed, it has a design that makes it perfect for that purpose.

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The house is impressive both in size and interior décor. The clients requested a casual and comfortable home with room for both relaxation and entertainment. The interior is very beautiful. It has a rustic feel throughout but it’s also quite modern. The furniture is especially beautiful. It’s very comfortable and cozy and it invites to just lay back and relax. The colors sued throughout are mostly neutral, very soothing and calm.

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The interior is an eclectic mix of traditional, modern and rustic elements. The windows are large and let in plenty of natural light. The ceilings have spotlights and the walls have been painted in soft and neutral colors such as light blue, beige or even white. The furniture throughout the house is also featuring light colors.

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The kitchen is bright, spacious and almost entirely white. The living area has a fireplace, a comfortable sectional in beige and a beautiful matching pendant lamp. Even though all the rooms are beautiful and inviting, my personal favorite is that small area with a sort of lounge space placed directly against the window. It must be very relaxing to sit there and admire the lake.