Rustic Barn And House Linked Into A Luxurious And Sustainable Villa

Where once used to be a rustic old house and a barn now proudly stands a modern villa which retains some of the original charm of original buildings. This majestic transformation was possible thanks to the team at Launtenbag Architectuur, a practice focussed on sustainability and always in the search for new and interesting ways to link houses to their surroundings.

Villa Hindeloopen facadeView in gallery

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The villa was completed in 2015 and the architects took care of the project from conception to completion. The team is known for their attention to details and for always trying to find the best solution to every challenge they encounter.

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Villa Hindeloopen garden areaView in gallery

The completed mansion covers an area of 4000 square meters (43,055 sq ft) and it is located in Hindeloopen, The Netherlands. The client wanted the new design to establish a strong connection between the house and its surroundings and the architects found several methods that allow this to happen.

Villa Hindeloopen side facade and gardenView in gallery

Villa Hindeloopen side facadeView in gallery

Another request was for a modern and eco-friendly design and, as a result, part of the process was the search for locally-sourced materials which would allow the house to complement its natural surroundings.

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In order to be able to implement all the elements requested by the client starting from the existing barn and house, the architects had to be creative and to use more untraditional building methods. Throughout the whole process they paid a lot of attention to the little things and it’s actually the details that give the new house most of its character and charm.

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Villa Hindeloopen exterior wall and roofView in gallery

Villa Hindeloopen exterior wall made of metalView in gallery

The result was a luxurious and sustainable villa that enhances the existing structures and the elements surrounding it. You could call this a modern-day barn house on a larger scale which started from a modest base and emerged to be an imposing and majestic structure.

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The original house and barn have been remodeled and integrated into the new design. They are now connected by a glass area which captures and highlights the panoramic views of the garden and the surrounding area.

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Villa Hindeloopen black and white image

The three structures that make up the house (the two old ones and the new addition) are individually unique and they make a statement as separate zones but at the same time they also complement each other and together they establish a harmonious look and a pleasant connection to the landscape.

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The interior of the house is minimalist and modern. The entryway has a glass pivot door that creates a smooth and seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor zones. From there, an open space social area is revealed. It integrates the kitchen, dining and living spaces.

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Villa Hindeloopen pivot doorView in gallery

A live edge dining table sits towards the center of the space, adding a sculptural and sophisticated touch to the décor. It’s complemented by elegant leather armchairs featuring a light brown color that coordinated with the kitchen island, the area rug and a series of other elements.

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The bedrooms are very welcoming and stylish. The master suite, for instance, has a textured accent wall in a beautiful brown color and it integrates the bathroom as well forming an open space. An oval freestanding tub is placed next to a glass door, offering panoramic views while maintaining privacy.

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The house as a whole is very well insulated as well as sustainable and eco-friendly. Solar-powered screens have been integrated in the walls of the entire building, their role being to regulate the temperature inside. During the summer, the heat is kept out while during the winter months it’s retained in.

Villa Hindeloopen bedroom tub near windowView in gallery

Villa Hindeloopen bedroom tubView in gallery

The entire project is a beautiful marriage between what the client had envisioned for this modern homes and the vision and style of the architects. Both sides wanted to focus on sustainability and simplicity

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Villa Hindeloopen bathroom showerView in gallery

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