Rustic Kitchens

If we take a look around in the houses we visit, we can see different kinds of homes and kitchens, each with their own style and design, bigger or smaller, prettier or arranged by a designer or by the owner. Any way, even if it is not considered the most important room in the house it reflects the whole home and the taste and style of the owner. But even if I enjoy using all the modern appliances I also like rustic kitchens. I think they are so welcoming and warm, showing feeling and tradition, nostalgia and return to the old ways.

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The traditional rustic kitchen does not have to be in a country house, but you can arrange it in your city house, too. It all depends on the way you want your house to look and your taste. There are a few characteristics of a traditional rustic kitchen and they usually take less money than the modern ones, so it’s a plus from this point of view. The material of choice for this style is rough wood combined with leather and wool. Some ceramic objects will be perfect, too. Not to mention some bricks or even stone, some bare wooden floors and some nice cotton curtains.

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Don’t worry: if you have a rustic kitchen nobody will force you to light a wood fire if you want to cook. You can use some very nice and shiny metal appliances, as they look great when combined with wood. Spread some flower pots or ceramic vases around and your rustic kitchen will be perfect.