5 DIY Wooden Wine Racks With Rustic Designs and Unique Features

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of fine wine to enjoy keeping a few nice bottles in the cabinet. Actually, why hide them in a cabinet when you could display them on a wine rack? And since you’re doing that, consider a DIY model with a rustic design. It would sure look charming. We have five such options to show you.


The first one is a live-edge wine rack that can accommodate up to 16 bottles. It’s big enough for a whole collection and it looks wonderful. Moreover, because it’s so tall and narrow, it takes very little floor space and you can easily find room for it in your home.

Floor standing Curvy Wine Rack

For smaller collections of three or four bottles you can try a different approach. For example, go find yourself a nice and interesting-looking tree stump. Make a few holes in it,, large enough to accommodate wine bottles, making sure you don’t penetrate the other side of the log. You can stain or paint the rack or allow it to keep its natural look.

Simple Wine rack project

Another option can be a shelf-like wine rack. To make one you’ll need some pieces of lumber cut into small pieces and a larger one for the back, some wood glue and bolts. Sand and stain the wood and then assemble the pieces. Or you can first assemble the whole thing and finish it at the end.{found on shanty-2-chic}.

Barn Wood Wine Rack

Instead of using brand new lumber from the store, you can try using reclaimed wood instead. This will give your wine rack a more authentic and rustic look. And if you want to give it a little bit of industrial charm as well, use old, rusted bolts or similar hardware.

Pallet wine rack diy

A great source of materials for DIY projects can be found in pallets. A wooden pallet is all you need if you want to make a wine rack that looks similar to this one. Basically you take it apart and you reassemble some of the pieces after you’ve cut them to size. The glass racks are a lovely touch.